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For high performance sound absorption with 3D style, Hex offers a design that hits on all six. This three-dimensional folded wall tile is made from TURF’s 9 mm PET felt, available in a variety of colors and wood textures for endless possibility. Hex also works together with our 2D Hive tiles, so your style can shine in any dimension.

Essential Info

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Standard • Ready in 10+ weeks

Quick Ship • Ready in 8 weeks

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Acoustic Rating

NRC .90

CAD Files

Fire Rating

Felt Specification

Polyester (PET) felt 60% pre-consumer recycled

Available Colors

07 Black

06 Charcoal

38 Matte Grey

86 Slate

98 Storm

01 Cream

50 Ivory

05 White

66 Pewter

04 Light Grey

78 Wheat

82 Barley

54 Latte

48 Light Brown

32 Brown

94 Coral

42 Orange

16 Red

58 Raspberry

39 Lavender

20 Mango

62 Sunflower

45 Yellow

47 Lime

14 Green

70 Aqua

90 Sky

25 Light Blue

74 Denim

29 Dark Blue

Turf Textures

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D01 White Ash

D02 Silver Teak

D03 Clear Maple

D04 Washed Ash

D05 Medium Oak

D06 Planked Oak

D07 Dark Walnut

D08 Black Pear

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