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    Curious what you’ll need to get started, what happens when, and more?

    Your custom solution can bring the “wow,” or blend silently into its environment. Form, color, thickness, connection detail — if you can imagine it, we can manufacture it. And with 100% recyclable PET felt and up to 60% pre-consumer recycled content, your solution will meet the most intensive sustainability standards.

    Our custom program is custom built for busy designers on tight timelines. We simplify every stage with readymade cut sheets, detailed specs, and real (human) design support. So you can focus on everything else that makes brighter spaces, and happier people.

    Meet your dream team

    We speak fluent parametric design, and bring deep expertise in architecture, tech, and Freudian talk therapy. Well, everything but that last one. That said, we are great listeners. From predesign through construction, we’re always within earshot, or at least a call away.

    We keep things nimble

    Turf keeps your project moving at pace with Material Bank, file downloads, samples, and custom mockups. We’re always optimizing our infrastructure for speed and quality, manufacturing right here in the USA so your custom solution won’t get lost in customs.

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