Hues for human spaces

We partnered with Carolyn Ames Noble, CMF expert (color materials and finishes), to create 32 Hues to nurture sensory well-being.

Made for the senses

Color has enormous power to shape our sensory well-being. Drawing inspiration from nature and culture, these colors are designed to create healthier, more human spaces.

Four Palettes, Four Philosophies

We built this collection for endless possibilities. Explore unexpected pairings to create the perfect atmosphere.


These neutrals evoke the natural calm of biophilic design. By weaving earthen tones into our built environment, we create serenity indoors, making stress fade and creativity flourish.

Topo Green
Dried Lavender
Tonal Taupe


These hues translate beautifully in both physical and digital worlds. Future-proof your space for human connection with colors that thrive in-person, on-screen, or in augmented reality.



These tones celebrate the simple pleasure of sharing space. Saturate surfaces with a healthy humanism to create the conditions for interaction and community.



These colors contain echoes of decades past. Transport occupants to the days before digital, offsetting the cool-and-contemporary now with a warm-and-wonderful then.

Faded Denim

Find your palette

10 Topo Green

12 Grasshopper

11 Celadon

63 Safflower

64 Plantain

43 Orange Crush

18 Ultisol

17 Blush

23 Red

15 Merlot

50 Ivory

33 Luminary

83 Holland Oats

82 Barley

34 Tonal Taupe

35 Bark

28 Indigo

30 Cyan

24 Royal Blue

31 Azure

27 Jean Jacket

26 Faded Denim

40 Magenta

41 Dried Lavender

66 Pewter

05 White

01 Cream

04 Light Grey

98 Storm

09 Damascus

06 Charcoal

07 Black

Need samples?

Let us romance you with a swatch in any color. Can't choose just one? Our Cuboid has swatches of all 32.