Inspired by the senses

We travel the world to bring you a palette of touch, texture and color so rich, you can feel it.

New 9mm colors

Discover our all-new collection of colors and find endless possibilities where diverse and eclectic meet harmonious and meditative. These hues are available in our 9mm PET felt which, depending on scale and treatment, can assume the structural rigidity of a board or flex to create soft forms.

10 Topo Green

12 Grasshopper

11 Celadon

63 Safflower

64 Plantain

43 Orange Crush

18 Ultisol

17 Blush

23 Red

15 Merlot

50 Ivory

33 Luminary

83 Holland Oats

82 Barley

34 Tonal Taupe

35 Bark

28 Indigo

30 Cyan

24 Royal Blue

31 Azure

27 Jean Jacket

26 Faded Denim

40 Magenta

41 Dried Lavender

66 Pewter

05 White

01 Cream

04 Light Grey

98 Storm

09 Damascus

06 Charcoal

07 Black

Legacy 9 mm

We introduced our 9mm felt in a whole new range of colors in September 2022. This is an archive of our legacy palette. Gone, but not forgotten.

39 Lavender

29 Dark Blue

74 Denim

25 Light Blue

90 Sky

70 Aqua

14 Green

47 Lime

45 Yellow

62 Sunflower

20 Mango

58 Raspberry

16 Red

42 Orange

94 Coral

32 Brown

48 Light Brown

54 Latte

82 Barley

78 Wheat

04 Light Grey

66 Pewter

05 White

50 Ivory

01 Cream

98 Storm

86 Slate

38 Matte Grey

06 Charcoal

07 Black

Interested in specifying our legacy 9mm colors?

This palette is available for legacy projects that have already been specified. If you're interested in these colors for a new project, make sure you check with us for material availability.
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See the forest for the trees with wood-inspired textures. Turf’s process of digitally printing on felt simulates a realistic grain with virtually no repetition. Offering infinite opportunities to customize, we can even match color and grain to your sample. Please note, textures involve additional costs beyond our 9 mm color options, and custom matching requires additional costs and lead time.

D08 Black Pear

D07 Dark Walnut

D06 Planked Oak

D05 Medium Oak

D04 Washed Ash

D03 Clear Maple

D02 Silver Teak

D01 White Ash

3 mm felt

Looks like felt, acts like fabric. Turf’s thinner PET felt is used to create soft forms and contrasting textures. Our unique felting process creates a heathered effect, and our recycled materials may yield slight variations in color.

R19 Blue

R22 Teal

R07 Marigold

R20 Tan

R13 Parchment

R09 Bisque

R01 White

R03 Light Grey

R25 Flint

R02 Dark Grey

R28 Midnight

R11 Black

5 mm felt

Turf’s compression-molded 5 mm PET enables dynamic double-curvature in your final form.

M05 Talc

M48 Travertine

M01 Sandstone

M04 Pumice

M06 Carbon

M07 Onyx

Want a cuboid?

Our cuboid has all 32 new colors. Thoughtfully designed and known to double as an occasional pen(cil) holder.