Denver Colorado, Workplace Elements Showroom

Installation for large showroom in Denver.

Serious acoustic issues were present in several conference rooms, requiring acoustic mitigation. In response, TURF provided several novel solutions, including a 3D topographical map of the state of Colorado. Significant reduction of sound in problem areas was achieved.

Swell: Installation required no reconfiguration of existing ceiling infrastructure, and no tools to install. Swell tiles snapped into an existing 2×2 ACT grid, creating visual interest and high performance acoustics in under an hour.

Canopy: An infill installation, precisely designed to fit into an existing gap between the ceiling and wall. Requiring only 4 bars of unistrut, and less than 5 minutes to install once the unistrut was hung.

Torrent Baffle: Color scheme matching with our standard torrent pattern. Incredibly easy installation, requiring no tools and very minimal installer instruction. Reduction of sound transfer from inside the conference room to the spaces surrounding was significantly reduced.

Custom Torrent Baffle: A particularly egregious overflow of sound from this conference room to surrounding spaces totally obstructed its use. In addition to providing an effective solution, TURF created a striking visual image of the the showroom’s home state of Colorado, creating a unique environment that is both bold and inviting.

  • Client: Workplace Elements
  • 9mm PET felt
  • 38-Matte Gray (Swell)
  • 47-Lime, 38-Matte Gray (Torrent Baffle)
  • 07-Black (Canopy)
  • 04-Light Gray
  • 05-White
  • 06-Charcoal
  • 07-Black
  • 38-Matte Gray (Colorado St. Map Topo)

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