Custom install. No trouble at all.

When time is of the essence – as in always.

Amazingly made in the USA.

It helps to have a partner that can respond within the next 10 minutes instead of 10 hours. Plus, the lack of giant oceans between us and your project tends to speed up delivery times. But if you still want that European feel, we can add some umlauts to your wörk örder.

As easy to spec as something really boring.

At TURF, we don’t believe in being a tease. We’d never show you anything as wonderful as our ceilings and then tell you they’re impossibly difficult to install. Quite the contrary. Our parametric design capabilities make the complex come to life more cost-effectively than ever before, while our standardized components make installation a joy. Not we-just-won-the-lotto joy, but still, it’s fun.

We’ve been working with some great people.

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