Sound design makes happier people

Sound defines the way we experience the world. Coffee percolating. Wind in the pines. Familiar laughter.
By designing with sound, we can shape welcoming spaces. Spaces where the values we want to inspire — wellness, accessibility, creativity, sustainability — are quite literally in the air.

Since 2016, our team has partnered with the world’s most ambitious architects and designers to create spaces that look and sound beautiful. Our secret is simple: we listen. What we learn informs smarter products, processes, and tools so you can focus on creating, and leave the noise behind.

We say yes to impossible ideas by pushing this wonder material to the limit. Our Custom process makes resoundingly original acoustic design fast and accessible, while our Standard products deliver stylish made-to-measure baffles, tiles, walls, and screens. And when you need something plug-and-play in a pinch, our Quick Ship products are here to save the day.

Our reps, designers, managers, and makers lighten your load at every step, from hello to installation. No two spaces sound the same, so no two projects look the same. We approach every one with fresh eyes to deliver the singular, site-specific solution that keeps the echo away.

Our values echo through everything we create

Press play

We listen and automate process pain-points so you can focus on the best parts of being creative and leave the noise behind


Boldly go

We say yes to impossible ideas, breaking barriers in acoustic design by harmonizing art, architecture, and tech


Fun, seriously

We are seriously committed to bringing joy to every project, especially when the pressure’s on

You’ll never design alone

We speak fluent parametric design, and bring deep expertise in architecture, tech, and Freudian talk therapy. Well, everything but that last one. That said, we are great listeners. From predesign through construction, we’re always within earshot, or at least a call away.

Echoes fear us