Standards are hard, we can help.

We’re continually innovating to ensure that TURF products contribute to your sustainability goals and project certifications.

Product Certifications

Building Certifications

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The Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Credit

This requires products to be purchased from a manufacturer that participates in an extended producer responsibility program. The TURF Reclamation Program is an extended producer responsibility program.

The Construction Waste Management Credit

This requires construction and demolition waste be recycled or salvaged. By returning used acoustic panels material to TURF, a building owner is recycling construction and demolition waste.

TURF Product Content and Recyclability

TURF’s PET felt contains up to 60% recycled content and is 100% recyclable, and both 9mm and 3mm products are Declared Red List Free.

End-of-Life Options


Our manufacturing scrap doesn’t go to waste. Instead, it is recycled into a high-energy-value fuel that has significantly lower key emissions than coal. By turning waste into energy, we are able to avoid the landfill and help create a cleaner fuel source.

Sustainability Research

We are working on creative ways to use our felt scrap to create new products. With a positive R+D outcome, this project will help us to continue to close the loop at TURF, while supporting sustainable product choices in the marketplace.

TURF Reclamation Program

To reduce the amount of material being disposed in landfills, TURF will reclaim any of our acoustic panels.  Send us the panels and we’ll dispose of them in a responsible way. We’ll even pay the freight.  Make sure to get in touch with us for the details.