We believe in a top down approach.

We have met the enemy. It’s uncontrolled, open-space acoustics.

Ceilings worth celebrating.

We exist to fight the tyrannical disturbance of the open space echo. By combining stellar acoustic properties with designs that please the eyeballs, we create systems people will appreciate long after the punch list is complete. Ceiling is Believing ™: We Design, Manufacture, and Install Acoustic Ceiling Products.

Sustainability is our second calling.

Everything we do is designed to keep waste to a minimum. Our systems are made from up to 60% pre-consumer PET (polyester) plastic. We manufacture on demand, which keeps inventory associated waste low. And since we ship from Chicago (which, as we all know, is the center of universe) we reduce emissions, too. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, our first calling is ceilings.

What it does for sound is a sight to behold

Our mission is to address the distracting echo of open spaces. We begin there. We finish with acoustic solutions that are both remarkably effective at turning down the noise and visually stunning to entertain the soul. Equally stunning is the speed of our response and the custom installation we deliver to your environment. It’s custom answers without prohibitive costs, allowing your most dramatic visions to be realized.

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#&!% yeah!

Rebecca MiddenNELSON

Turf perfectly blurs the line between artful installation and pure function.

Daniel WhiteneckJordan Global Brand Design

This is incredible!

Todd HeiserContract Magazine 2016 Designer of the Year