Product_4_GalleryImages_2Facet A B and C TileWall Tile Assembly


  • Content: 99% Recycled Polyester Felt wrapped around MDF frame made from salvage post industrial scrap.
  • Felt Thickness: 9mm
  • Panel Thickness: 2″ – 8″
  • Standard Size: 24″ × 24″
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Acoustic Wall Tiles

Dynamic & Modular

With enough time, geological pressures will split continents, mountains, and cliff faces, resulting in unforgettable landscapes and unique geometric faces. The Facet series is an acoustic wall system that simulates these complex geometries by using three interchangeable tiles that link together in endlessly unique and custom orientations.

Facet is constructed by folding a single piece of felt around an internal 4 sided french cleat frame that allows the end user to endlessly rotate, swap, and alternate the tiles to customize their office space on a whim.

  • Edge Options: Exposed Felt with dovetailed felt connectors.
  • Components: French Cleat made from salvaged post industrial wood products.
  • Durability: Contract
  • Maintenance: Vacuum occasionally to remove any particulate matter and air­borne debris or dust. Compressed air can be used to dust the material in difficult to reach areas or for large assemblies.
  • Lead Time: Shipped in 4 weeks.
  • Environmental: 9mm PET felt board is made from over 99% recycled polyester plastic, over 50% of which come from recycled water bottles. TURF is pursuing product transparency for LEED V4 MR Credit 4 Option 1, and MR Credit 3 Option 2 for recycled content. TURF has a Declare Label for the PET.
    Facet’s internal frame is made from 100% salvaged post industrial waste material.
  • Variation: PET Felt uses a traditional ‘felting’ process to create its panels. This often results in a pleasing heathered effect, where multiple tones are present in the fiber. Slight and consistent variations in color should be expected when using this sustainable material.
  • Acoustics: ASTM C 423: NRC = .75 (Material)
  • Fire Rating: Product made from Class A PET felt material tested under ASTM E-84

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