Rieke Office Interiors

Sculptural acoustic solutions installed in an office design and manufacturing facility.

Installed in a 150,000 sq ft design and manufacturing facility, TURF employed a series of wall and ceiling systems to address open office acoustic issues while also transforming the space aesthetically. As an office furniture design and manufacturing facility that is constantly being reconfigured, Rieke Office Interiors required a highly flexible acoustic solution that could change and evolve over time.

  • Client: Rieke Office Interiors


The Swell Ceiling System is an acoustic drop ceiling tile product series that transforms office interiors through both cutting edge aesthetics and acoustical performance. Made from recycled water bottles, the four modular tiles can be rotated and configured in multiple orientations to create endlessly customizable ceiling sculptures.


Facet is constructed by folding a single piece of felt around an internal 4-sided French cleat frame that allows the end user to endlessly rotate, swap, and alternate the tiles to customize their office space on a whim.

Carved Tile

TURF’s carved tiles emulate the modularity of standard tile options but are enhanced with ‘V-channel’ patterns carved into the surface. By carving into the surface of the material, multiple colors are revealed, creating new aesthetic opportunities while also increasing the effective surface area of the acoustic absorbing material.

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