A hybrid of custom and standard solutions create an awesome RadioFlyer test track for children.

TURF used its printing capabilities to produce a 60’ long acoustic supergraphic to transform RadioFlyer’s “Playlab” test track. The flanking walls of the supergraphic have color-matched carved tiles that continue the geometry of the supergraphic but with the added texture of 3D tiles. Installed above the Playlab are both custom and standard torrent baffles that simulate the feeling of cirrus clouds and of being outside.

  • Client: Gensler

Torrent Baffle

The Torrent Baffle is one of the industry’s most dynamic acoustic ceiling baffle systems. Designed to work with standard unistrut hangers, Torrent Baffle installs in seconds to transform large volumes of space with flowing aesthetics and acoustic performance.

Carved Tile

TURF’s carved tiles emulate the modularity of standard tile options but are enhanced with ‘V-channel’ patterns carved into the surface. By carving into the surface of the material, multiple colors are revealed, creating new aesthetic opportunities while also increasing the effective surface area of the acoustic absorbing material.

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