Chicago, Illinois

TURF’s design office and play space in a renovated firehouse

A renovated firehouse originally built in 1896 was the perfect play space for TURF’s team of designers. The new design office centers around an open office and prototyping space that fill the old garage. Break-out rooms, a ping-pong lounge and upstairs apartment (with custom TURF product installations throughout) occupy the rest of the two-story, 4,000 SF space.

“The Firehouse is an expression of the kind of work we want to participate in. It’s custom. It’s adaptive. It’s responsive. It’s a 100-year-old building, and we’re conforming to the constraints of all the things that are associated with making a space successful both acoustically and aesthetically.” — Dustin Headley, TURF

  • Client: TURF
  • Interior Design: Vertical Interior Design
  • Architect: Rivetna Architects

Photo 1/5
doubled-up custom Ridge baffles designed from the bottom up and top down
04 Light Grey
16 Red

Photo 2/5
red spiral stairs through Straight baffles
05 White
07 Black
16 Red

Photo 2/5
drop ceiling of Crease and Urban ceiling tiles
M06 Carbon

Photo 3/5
Slab and Slab LED baffles highlight a cleanroom play space for designers
05 White
25 Light Blue

Photo 4/5
3D design rendered in 2D; custom-printed adhesive wall tiles of undulating diamonds

Photo 5/5
understated, organic canopy of Drop baffles over a colorful gathering space
LT-03 Light Grey

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